a whisper To A ROAR

One of my summer jobs is marketing this independent film “A Whisper To A Roar” and it’s actually a really interesting. We’re working on getting it shown in local theaters, but that information is still pending. If you’re interested in politics, democracy, or the worldly things, please check it out and share it with your friends. Watching this film really made me realize that I take our freedoms and privileges for granted. Even if you’re not into the news, this documentary really resonates on an emotional, human level.


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My new favorite app

Hey guys,

I just got myself an iPad and downloaded this app, recommended by my cool Mom-librarian, and it’s pretty amazing. If you like old movies or flashbacks to another time period, you can hop in the “Video Time Machine” app and take a trip through time. The first movie they have archived is from 1878 and the “First sound ever recorded” is from 1860. I’ll probably have my iPad with me the rest of the week if you want to check it out. Just a fun, inspirational tool I thought I’d share!


I saw these videos about a year ago. They are graphic videos showing the effects of a new street drug called krokidil (crocodile) in Russia. It melts the flesh off of human bones. People take it because it is cheap to make, but has huge consequences. I couldn’t watch it all the way through when I first saw it because it looked too gross. The second one was the worst for me to watch personally.


I just wanted to share this with everyone. This movie is coming out soon and the voice of the bear is the voice of the dad in Family Guy. This youtube video is red band meaning only people with accounts can view it.

A Future That I See Is Very Possible

My friend showed me this last year. It’s a video showing a future of technology that I can see is very possible of happening — probably within 10 years. A lot of the technology in this video is already around but we just have to create what we see in the video. Smartphones are going to be able to so much more than they currently do within the next 5 years. Soon your smartphone will replace your wallet and even possibly your keys: car keys, house keys, mailbox key, etc. What do you guys think? Do you see a future like this happening? Does this scare you or are you completely for it?

Life after death

Life after death
time marches on
Don’t blink or you’ll miss it
and then your skin is gone
Shrunken pores
dissipate into wood-stained bone
the face you once new
is now marked by two cones
As one dune
empties into another
petals drop and grind the brakes
’till the air is filled with burning rubber
~Kat 6.18.2012
based on the picture we wrote about in class on June 18th…flower, skull, and hourglass.


Be careful of what words you misuse to deface someone’s reputation…it might have the unintended consequence of taking on a different, even laudatory meaning!