My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear would have to be failure. Failure, the lack of success, is a lot of the time the reason as to why individuals don’t attempt to achieve their goals. Personally, I fall into this group of individuals. I sometimes find myself not doing certain things just because I’m afraid that I won’t succeed at it.

One example of this is at my job at Apple. Although I don’t even avoid anyone when they need help, I always get a hesitant feeling in my stomach doubting myself, thinking that I’m not going to be able to sell this product to this person that well. Apple keeps very close attention to your numbers and what you sell; they want all of the main products that you sell — computer, iPad, iPhone, and iPod — to contain a certain percentage of loyalties. These percentages are very hard to keep up. Usually, when offered to buy the loyalties, people initially think that I’m trying to sell them something that they don’t need so it can be extremely difficult to persuade them to actually buy them (they are actually something they need). Not getting the loyalties from the transaction can make a specialist feel like the interaction was a failure.

Another example is when I have to write an essay on a certain topic — like Shakespeare. That topic is almost too gray for me to where I can’t figure out what to write about because I don’t want to write on the “wrong” thing. The worry about failing because of writing the wrong thing makes me procrastinate the essay and shoot myself in the foot. This is why math is so much easier for me because there’s really only one correct way to do a math problem thus resulting in less doubt in myself and less worry about failing.

How about you guys? What’s your biggest fear? Would you agree that the worry of failure can prevent you from being able to complete certain tasks?


A Future That I See Is Very Possible

My friend showed me this last year. It’s a video showing a future of technology that I can see is very possible of happening — probably within 10 years. A lot of the technology in this video is already around but we just have to create what we see in the video. Smartphones are going to be able to so much more than they currently do within the next 5 years. Soon your smartphone will replace your wallet and even possibly your keys: car keys, house keys, mailbox key, etc. What do you guys think? Do you see a future like this happening? Does this scare you or are you completely for it?


The Future of Education

This video talks about and about how it was established.  Salman Khan is changing the way teachers, especially in elementary school, are teaching.  I used this site regularly when I was taking physics Fall and Spring semester last school year.  He’s able to explain things so simply and his voice is so engaging that’s it’s hard not to understand what he’s talking about.

Check it out if you haven’t: Khan Academy

– Quinn Flagg

The Internet Is Where I Belong

If only I was able to be myself
Not having to worry about what I say
Throwing every thought into words
Emotionless sentences
Reviving who I always want to be
Never where I can be fake
The Internet is where I belong

My answer to “Does the Internet bring out the worst or the best in us?”

I believe that it can bring out the best in us because it’s a place where we can be ourselves without having to worry about others pushing you down — in the moment. You can always speak your mind and not be shy. I know a lot of people that are extremely shy in real life but those same people can be the loudest things on the Internet. It’s an extreme comfort zone that’s extremely easy to access.

– Quinn Flagg

What, How, Why

People don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it

If you watch the video, pay attention to how his speech is structured. His whole speech is about the WHY not the WHAT which makes it much more engaging and appealing to the brain.

– Quinn Flagg