I saw these videos about a year ago. They are graphic videos showing the effects of a new street drug called krokidil (crocodile) in Russia. It melts the flesh off of human bones. People take it because it is cheap to make, but has huge consequences. I couldn’t watch it all the way through when I first saw it because it looked too gross. The second one was the worst for me to watch personally.



I just wanted to share this with everyone. This movie is coming out soon and the voice of the bear is the voice of the dad in Family Guy. This youtube video is red band meaning only people with accounts can view it.

A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game

My oh my

What a dangerous game we play

That strings us along

Day by day

My love for you grows

And shows

Upon my face I cannot hide

How I just want you by my side

Careful I am so you do not see

How far I have fallen

For you and you only

You make me feel not so lonely

Back and forth we go

Together one day, the next is a no

I know we will pull through

Five months will make me miss you

In the army you will be

Fighting for our country

I’ll put you first you had said

I’ll never leave you, even if I’m dead

I count down the days till you return

My heart and soul wait

I love you, but that’s all I can say

O what a dangerous game we play

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 6 months. We got together after dating for awhile and met in college. I am from NorCal and he is from SoCal, so this summer is already a start to it being hard for me to see him. Three days after making it official, he told me he had joined the army. I was taken by surprise, and I didn’t know what to do except be supportive. I am scared for him because I do not know what lies ahead. I try not to show all the time how much I care so that he doesn’t feel bad for leaving and can focus on his work in the army. My boyfriend and I have a strong relationship so far, so whenever I feel sad or not strong about us lasting through him being away for the first time, I listen to “Love Song” by Adele. It helps me remember it is possible for us to last even with him being away. I feel the game of love is dangerous because it is toying with my emotions and I can end up getting hurt. I am optimistic about my relationship and hope it turns out good in the end.




My parents met each other when they both worked at Visa in 1988. My mom describes the first time she went out on a date with my dad of how she thought to herself, “That man will be the man that I marry.” Two years later on the anniversary of their first date, my parents got married August 12, 1990. A few weeks ago I watched their wedding video with both of my parents and I recognized the love in their eyes on the video as the same love they share today, looking at each other in the same way. The love they share has spread to their 4 children, building a home full of warmth and comfort. Even after my mom became disabled due to her disintegrated discs in her spine, my dad never left her side and I believe it has made their relationship grow stronger.
My grandparents got married when they were very young. My grandpa had come straight out of the Navy at the age 25 and my grandmother straight out of college at the age of 21. Out of every couple I know, my grandparents share a love that is on another level. I know that there is no way one could live without the other. They both have always been very involved in mine and my brothers lives, teaching us how to be strong independent individuals. My grandmother was always the smartest in her class throughout her school years, and went on to work at IBM, being the only women in a sea of men. My grandpa has always been able to make or fix anything, whether it was furniture, parts of the house, or cleaning up a scratch after I fell down. Although he is growing older, my grandpa is the strongest man alive in my eyes. I have the best grandparents any girl could ever ask for.
Having two beautiful and strong relationships to look up to of both my parents and grandparents, I have grown up in a home full of wisdom and grace. I hope when I grow older and it is my time to become married that I have a relationship like theirs. Also, watching two happy relationships has helped me to believe that love does exist and not to be afraid of allowing another person into my life. I am thankful I was blessed with these people in my life.


Megan O’Bryan