I am happy/ I am sad

I finally got what I wanted
you, with your brown eyes and long hands.
That night, I danced around my room like they do in the movies
singing “Walking on Sunshine” at the top of my lungs

Two years of waiting, finally over
What took you so long? Nevermind, I don’t care anymore
because I’m smiling more than I ever have
it’s leaving lines on my face but I don’t mind

I look at you when you’re not watching, you know
memorize your face and lace your fingers with mine
Thanking the stars you finally found me

I finally got what I wanted
so why do I feel like something is missing?
that night, I waited for a call that never came
silently screaming at the top of my lungs

Two years you kept me waiting
What took you so long? Hard as I try I can’t let it go
I cried more than I ever have
frown lines on my face deeper with time

I looked at you when you weren’t watching, you know
memorized your face and faced the truth
Wishing on a star that you’d finally see me


Secrets we take to the grave

These secrets go with me
when I’m on death’s bed
words left unspoken
things left unsaid

I buried these long ago
wrapped in a shroud
things you’ll never know
never spoken aloud

Clutching my secrets tight
like Lilies in my hands
deep and dark, never seeing the light
you will never understand

Silent and still as stone
lips sealed by death’s kiss
bound by skin and bone
sinking into the abyss

The casket drops into the ground
loose earth silences me
my secrets have been drowned
under these six feet

You never really knew me
never really knew at all
secrets kept for eternity
forever under this pall


I watched this short film in a Cinema class, and I have been fascinated by it ever since. I think so much can be said without saying much at all. I thought it was interesting that when discussing the film’s meaning in class, so many people had different interpretations. Personally, I think it is about how humans are curious about our animal side, even though we are constantly trying to surpress or ignore it. I also think it could be about obsessive perfectionism.
What do you think?