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My spoken word about the topic: beautiful


I don’t look like the cover girls on magazines
I still hide at times because I don’t want to be seen
Because the magazines and shows express what it looks like to be a queen
Wear the foundation to cover the scars from the past
Eyeliner to define my Asian eyes
Lip liner to make my lips look fuller
Blush to make my cheeks look rosy
Red lipstick because I’m ashamed of my brown lips
Eyeshadow to make me look more dramatic
Like I’m an actress
I am… acting
Let me wear that smile all the time
When you tell me Megan Fox is so much prettier
My thick thighs don’t compare to her long leggy legs
My big waist doesn’t hold a candle to her hour glass…figure
My small slanty eyes don’t compare to her euro-centric eyes
But I stop and I think about
what it means to be beautiful
After I wipe off all the make up…
I take a look at the mirror and..
All I see is me
This is me.
and I am beautiful.

~Rowena Cabanayan


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