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Wishing to Stay Asleep

Lying awake but no desire to see
Wishing my life contained more glee
Unable to open my eyes to the world
Deep depression, my mind a swirl
I wish not to leave my dreams
Sleep trumps life, or so it seems
Wishing to love my life
But I am so torn up by strife
So many stresses on my mind
I am constantly in a bind
Who am I?
I roll out of bed with a sigh
Greeting yet another miserable day
To ease my sorrow I spark a jay
Why do I drift deeper and deeper into despair?
If only I could care
About the direction my future took
I should just glance and take a look
But my depression kept me down
All I wished to do was pound and pound
Beer after beer
Tear after tear
Will yet again be filled with sorrow


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