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Choreography: Ahana
Dancers: Ahana + Kat
Film + editing: Kat
Music: Kat + company

a rhythm with reason
a song through the seasons
fluid silk
solid rapids
We are water, we are human–
not of dusty camels and prickly cactus
When the tap runs dry
we cry out
for water



2 responses to “Water

  1. greenztooth ⋅

    It is beautiful how dance can relate to the natural elements around us. The movements you guys show are so fluid and give a clear depiction of water through dancing. Being a dancer myself I can fully understand the artistic movement involved with dancing. It is almost as if you have to imagine water flowing through each extremity to get the full effect. I almost feel as if I can pull a great sense of serenity from this video. Is there an underlying message? Beautiful dancing and awesome form guys. 🙂

  2. vanessacruz12 ⋅

    This piece was very amazing, the choreography that set the scenario. I really think that dance can portray a story and could also replace words; although it really depends on the viewer and their experiences. we portray everything from our own point of view, from reading a dance or a book. We connect everything to our experiences and relate in different perspectives. I really liked the passion behind both the music and the dance.

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