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Did You Watch the Titanic?

In April 2012, James Cameron’s movie Titanic rereleased in 3D in China. For the past 15 years, people have been waiting for the day that the Titanic would come back again. After only a few days, the profits of this film broke to $130 million dollars in China. I went to the cinema and sat at the very back of the theater. It is a really amazing film. My heart is so full that I can’t explain it. But, wait…does the film have something missing? Where is the part where Rose and Jack are in the carriage alone? Yes, the blue part of that beautiful tale was deleted by the Bureau of Television in china.

I am not only confused but also angry. Is that scene too sexy?

I have been nursing a grievance against the Bureau of Television in China for months. If you want to watch sex, you can just watch it in your own home. That is much more efficient. You can buy any types of porno films online. Why was the sex part of Titanic cut? I don’t think it makes sense. Sex is part of human nature. As long as you are human, you can’t separate your relationship with sex. Even though I don’t think it is appropriate to talk too much about sex in public, it is really ridiculous that the Bureau of Television erased that beautiful expression of love from Titanic.


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