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My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear would have to be failure. Failure, the lack of success, is a lot of the time the reason as to why individuals don’t attempt to achieve their goals. Personally, I fall into this group of individuals. I sometimes find myself not doing certain things just because I’m afraid that I won’t succeed at it.

One example of this is at my job at Apple. Although I don’t even avoid anyone when they need help, I always get a hesitant feeling in my stomach doubting myself, thinking that I’m not going to be able to sell this product to this person that well. Apple keeps very close attention to your numbers and what you sell; they want all of the main products that you sell — computer, iPad, iPhone, and iPod — to contain a certain percentage of loyalties. These percentages are very hard to keep up. Usually, when offered to buy the loyalties, people initially think that I’m trying to sell them something that they don’t need so it can be extremely difficult to persuade them to actually buy them (they are actually something they need). Not getting the loyalties from the transaction can make a specialist feel like the interaction was a failure.

Another example is when I have to write an essay on a certain topic — like Shakespeare. That topic is almost too gray for me to where I can’t figure out what to write about because I don’t want to write on the “wrong” thing. The worry about failing because of writing the wrong thing makes me procrastinate the essay and shoot myself in the foot. This is why math is so much easier for me because there’s really only one correct way to do a math problem thus resulting in less doubt in myself and less worry about failing.

How about you guys? What’s your biggest fear? Would you agree that the worry of failure can prevent you from being able to complete certain tasks?


One response to “My Greatest Fear

  1. elzhan777 ⋅

    thats an interesting post. i had same fear.
    failure, its a biggest fear of most of the people who i know. most of the scared of failure without even doing something. firstly people think of failure from the beginning of doing something, so basically they already programme themselves that its possible to fail. life is unpredictable thing, you cannot predict where and what is goint to happen. people scared of doing some things because afraid that they wont be able to succeed at it. dont be scare of anything, because even if you failure at something its going to give you a life lesson that will make you stronger and more experienced.
    i failed in different things couple times, but i took lesson from it, so its easier for me right know to face reality with success and failure.

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