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I showed this video in one of my Ethnic Studies classes as part of a presentation about how the media views Asian Americans. When KevJumba says, “If an Asian would have a starring role, no one would go and watch their show or their movie. Is this true?” And yes, Jackie Chan starred in Rush Hour but what was his role? The stereotypical kung-fu, karate fighter. In the movie, Romeo Must Die, Jet Li had a starring role and it seemed like he had a romantic connection with Aaliyah’s character. The end of the movie was supposed to be with him kissing her instead of him hugging her. They changed the ending because when the director showed the movie to an urban audience, they said they didn’t like seeing Jet Li kissing Aaliyah, therefore they changed it. But the media has been doing slightly better with changing Asian American stereotypes with Harold And Kumar… but still! Can I, for once, see an Asian American actor get some action? Other than kung fu fighting?


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  1. katcaffiend ⋅

    I spend a lot a time being oblivious to race and racial casting in the media, but the Dragon Ball dude being cast as a white dude is pretty hard to dismiss. As a white person, I particularly hate reverse discrimination and get tired of hearing things about how white people oppressed blah blah blah hecka long ago. Like, dayuum, we b in da 21st century, shooot. I ain’t b oppressin u–that be my great great great great granparents oppressin yo great great great great grandparents.

    You know how back in elementary, middle, and high school how Black History Month or Chinese New Year would roll around and there would be a school assembly or some kind of ethnic presentation? Well, I always felt like “Why can’t Americans have that? What do we have to represent us?” because I always felt like the Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics had a more authentic and more substantial back-story to listen to and learn from, especially in comparison to America. We Americans, particularly us white-folk, have hamburgers and burritos, chowmein, super-sized sodas, J Lo, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan–aka eating disorders and movies–to represent our culture. How superficial and shallow.

    So KevJumba, via Foamylove, you’re right–I think we are just jealous of your culture.

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