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A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game

My oh my

What a dangerous game we play

That strings us along

Day by day

My love for you grows

And shows

Upon my face I cannot hide

How I just want you by my side

Careful I am so you do not see

How far I have fallen

For you and you only

You make me feel not so lonely

Back and forth we go

Together one day, the next is a no

I know we will pull through

Five months will make me miss you

In the army you will be

Fighting for our country

I’ll put you first you had said

I’ll never leave you, even if I’m dead

I count down the days till you return

My heart and soul wait

I love you, but that’s all I can say

O what a dangerous game we play

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 6 months. We got together after dating for awhile and met in college. I am from NorCal and he is from SoCal, so this summer is already a start to it being hard for me to see him. Three days after making it official, he told me he had joined the army. I was taken by surprise, and I didn’t know what to do except be supportive. I am scared for him because I do not know what lies ahead. I try not to show all the time how much I care so that he doesn’t feel bad for leaving and can focus on his work in the army. My boyfriend and I have a strong relationship so far, so whenever I feel sad or not strong about us lasting through him being away for the first time, I listen to “Love Song” by Adele. It helps me remember it is possible for us to last even with him being away. I feel the game of love is dangerous because it is toying with my emotions and I can end up getting hurt. I am optimistic about my relationship and hope it turns out good in the end.




One response to “A Dangerous Game

  1. katcaffiend ⋅

    How long did you know him before you guys started dating or made your relationship official? What compelled you to stay with someone you would spend more time apart from than together?

    You say “I am optimistic about my relationship and hope it turns out good in the end”–how do you define good? Like he comes home safe and you guys are still together? Or you guys get married? Or maybe the relationship ends, but on good terms with experience that you take away?

    Also, in your poem you say “You make me feel not so lonely”–how do you not feel alone when he’s not physically with you? Like, having him in your thoughts makes you feel his presence? Were you lonely before you met him, or when he came into your life did you realize that you were lonely but hadn’t known it until now?

    I really enjoyed the flow of your poem. It might be interesting to create some stanzas/verses with single spacing and then use spaces to create a pause or breathe in the words. Having a breathe makes it so the reader can dwell a little longer on certain parts, and I think you have a lot of emotions embedded in this piece that could be enhanced even more if you changed the spacing. Also, sometimes if I’m continuing a thought onto the next line I leave it lower-case to subtly group my ideas throughout a poem/lyrics. Just some ideas 🙂

    PS. Love Adele

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