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The Internet Is Where I Belong

If only I was able to be myself
Not having to worry about what I say
Throwing every thought into words
Emotionless sentences
Reviving who I always want to be
Never where I can be fake
The Internet is where I belong

My answer to “Does the Internet bring out the worst or the best in us?”

I believe that it can bring out the best in us because it’s a place where we can be ourselves without having to worry about others pushing you down — in the moment. You can always speak your mind and not be shy. I know a lot of people that are extremely shy in real life but those same people can be the loudest things on the Internet. It’s an extreme comfort zone that’s extremely easy to access.

– Quinn Flagg


3 responses to “The Internet Is Where I Belong

  1. meganobryan9 ⋅

    Very well written, I enjoyed reading it (: also, I agree that the internet is a major comfort zone to where shy people can express themselves without ridicule from others. However, since cyber-bullying can be a problem, it makes me question whether or not the internet brings the worst or best. Looking at both sides I think it can do both

  2. jacsu100

    I agree with Quinn because I used to be shy and anti-social. As I grew up and learned to be more out-going, I became more confident and began to speak with my fellow peers. I think as people grow up, they will become confident in themselves and speak to their fellow human beings instead of avoiding them on the bus, school campus, grocery store and etc.

  3. katcaffiend ⋅

    I like seeing the words that I’m saying. I think that’s an aspect of the internet that is underappreciated and goes unnoticed because errb0dy tlks lyk th1s. I guess I can’t really blame people for blaming the internet for illiteracy and inarticulateness.

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