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Pigeon with One Foot

This was actually one of the prompts. Pigeons have a rough life. Little city birds. This is “Peg the Pigeon with Only One Leg”. I usually just draw little cartoon animals and this is the first one I have ever painted. Bidding starts at $10. Let’s make this one of the most expensive painting ever sold!



4 responses to “Pigeon with One Foot

  1. meganobryan9 ⋅

    Beautiful drawing! Pigeons are scary if you ask me, but it is true that they endure rough times. Very creative

  2. katcaffiend ⋅

    I would say I want a cut of that, but I don’t like the idea of the birdy being 2-peg-legged. I don’t think that would fly in a court of law.

  3. I’ve been wondering about why so many pigeon only have one foot. I checked on yahoo.

    “Why do so many pigeons only have one leg?
    3 years ago

    Best Answer

    I collect pigeon legs
    3 years ago”

    Well, that explains everything.

  4. foamylove

    When I saw your drawing, I imagined a live pigeon with one leg. I imagined the pigeon hobbling as it jumped on it’s one leg trying to pick up bits and pieces of bread that’s on the floor, but the pigeon can’t eat because it’s too busy trying to not fall on it’s face. I feel so bad for the pigeon. I want to save that pigeon. I want to give that pigeon a false leg so it can balance. If I do see a pigeon with one leg, I will give that pigeon a make-shift leg out of twigs. No matter how much I’m scared of pigeons, and how much I hate how they poop on everything and harass me some times, they deserve two legs.

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